Discography LPs and CDs listed in reverse chronological order
    Additional releases as a leader
    • Deja Vuk
      (Oglio Records, 1999))
      Larry Vuckovich, solo piano
    • The Good Old Days are Right Now
      (Sterling Productions/Cable Car Jazz, 1992)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Allen Smith (tp), Vince Cattolica (c),
      Al Obidinski (b), John Markham (d)
    • Tres Palabras (Concord Records, 1990)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Tom Harrell (tp), Pete Escovedo (perc.), Larry Grenadier (b),
      Eddie Marshall (d)
    • Blues for Red
      (Hot House Records, 1985)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Charles McPherson (as), Dusko Goykovich (tp), Larry Grenadier (b),
      Eddie Marshall (d)
    • Cast Your Fate
      (Palo Alto Records, 1983)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Jon Hendricks (v), Hein Van de Geyn (b), Gaylord Birch (d),
      Kenneth Nash (percussion)
    • City Sounds, Village Voices (Palo Alto Records, 1982)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Tom Harrell (tp), Jerome Richardson (ts), Charles McPherson (as),
      Ray Drummond (b), Eddie Marshall (d), Erik Golub (vi)
    • Blue Balkan
      (Inner City Records, 1980)
      Larry Vuckovich (p), Bobby Hutcherson (vb), Erik Golub (vi), Paul Breslin (b), John Heard (b),
      Eddie Moore (d), Eddie Marshall (d)
    • Mistletoe Magic - Holiday Jazz Improvisations [VA]
      (Palo Alto Records, 1982)

    Additional releases as a sideman
    • with Josh Workman: Jumpin At The Border
      (Tetrachord Music, 2004)
    • with Milla: Dream A Little...
      (Avid Diva Records, 2004)
    • with Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson:
      Redux/Live At The Keystone Korner

      (Savant Records, 2003)
    • with Jackie Ryan: Passion Flower
      (OpenArt Records, 2002)
    • with Dusko Goykovich:
      Portrait - 70th Birthday Celebration

      (Enja Records, 2001)
    • with Allen Smith: Cornucopia
      (Blue Port Records, 1998)
    • with Nika Rejto: Bridge Weaver
      (Unika Records, 1998)
    • with Steve Sittum: Live at the Plush Room
      (Blue Port Records, 1998)
    • with Al Molina: Straight From the Heart
      (Jazzer Records, 1991)
    • with Hadley Caliman: Hadley Caliman
      (Mainstream Records, 1971)
    • with Cal Collins: Blues on My Mind
      (Concord Jazz, 1979)
    • with Dusko Goykovich: As Simple as It Is
      (BASF, 1970)
    • with Jon Hendricks: Tell Me the Truth
      (Arista Records, 1975)
    • with Jon Hendricks: Cloudburst
      (Enja Records, 1982)
    • with Paul Robertson: Old Friends, New Friends
      (Palo Alto Records, 1982)
    • with Jon Hendricks, Booker Ervin, and Elvin Jones:
      Jazz Monterey 1958-1980

      (Palo Alto Records)
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