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Larry Vuckovich's Crosswinds: Global Jazz Journey

October 25 @ 5:15 pm | Free Admission

Larry Vuckovich's Crosswinds: Global Jazz Journey

Herbst Theater at 5:15pm

Formerly the Blue Balkan Ensemble, Larry Vuckovich's new revived group features the master violinist, Eric Golub along with the exciting marimba player, Tommy Kesecker. Vince Delgado, the great interpreter of the Middle Eastern percussion, along with the swinging drummer Akira Tana, create a stimulating rhythm team. Larry has expanded the original repertoire with an even more diverse global approach. Besides the Balkan ethnic – Middle Eastern core, it also includes global elements of North Africa, Russia, South American boleros, Cuban salsa, tango jazz, jazz funk and swinging American contemporary: jazz on the edge.

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