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Larry Vuckovich - Vince Guaraldi Tribute last performed at the Bach on Sept 14, 2014

Larry Vuckovich

Larry Vuckovich was Vince Guaraldi's only student and played in Vince's two-piano quintet, Powder Keg. This tribute showcases an authentic, first-hand, musical portrait of the Bay Area native and internationally acclaimed pianist.. Larry will premier Vince's original composition – a beautiful previously unrecorded jazz waltz and perform Vince's famous duets with Bola Sete. Larry will also treat the audience by bringing two samples of Vince's private sessions recordings, where Guaraldi stretched out unlike ever heard in a studio before. The program will include Vince's favorite musical format: his repertoire of swinging jazz, Latin/Brazilian, as well as some of his pop hits including "Cast Your Fate To The Wind", "Charlie Brown Christmas Tune", and a selection from "Peanuts" –all swinging, creative jazz pieces….

The stellar cast of musicians includes guitarist Josh Workman, who captures the excitement of Vince’s collaborations with Brazilian guitarist Bola Sete; bassist Seward McCain, who worked in Vince’s combos, including the two-piano quintet, Powder Keg, with Larry as second pianist; five-time Grammy-nominated Latin percussionist John Santos; and first-call drummer on both coasts, Akira Tana.

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