Photo Gallery: Group Dates Keystone Korner
Keystone Korner

Keystone Korner was one of San Francisco's most memorable jazz clubs. It was on the same level quality wise as the previous famous Black Hawk and the Jazz Workshop. The owner, Todd Barkan created this exciting venue located in the North Beach of San Francisco on Vallejo Street. He brought some of the most creative bookings to Keystone, where I was fortunate to be chosen by Todd as a part of the house trio from' 78 –' 83 that included bassist James Leary and drummer and Eddie Marshall. This house trio accompanied some of the visiting greats whose photos are listed on this page. Two acclaimed San Francisco photographers, Tom Copi and Brian McMillen took some excellent photos that are listed on this page. The bottom two photos were done by Brian McMillen and all the rest were by Tom Copi.

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