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The Bach Society

This was from a place called The Bach Society, short for the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society in El Granada, which is in Half Moon Bay Township. "Here we have Larry Grenadier on bass, Pete Escovido on percussion, and Eddie Marshall on drums. All of these men were on the Tres Palabras CD. Pete Douglas started having concerts at his house in the '60s, and this place is simply an addition to his house. It's a great place, and it all started in his living room. People that really want to listen go there; you don't get interrupted by conversation there.

Pete Douglas would bring up L.A. players, which is where he originally is from. He does it to get jazz going and he offers chamber music as well. He brings in chamber players from the conservatory, plus well-established chamber players from around the U.S. In the '70s, and Dizzy, Bill Evans, Carmen McRae, Stan Getz all appeared there.

Pete Escovedo is the father of Sheila E. Pete has his own band, he has played with a lot of people in Latin jazz. Larry Grenadier is now one of the most in-demand bass players in New York. Eddie plays with Bobby McFerrin, and he was on a record with Stan Getz when he was 19. Eddie is one of the most sought-after drummers in the world.

Larry was a member of Bobby Hutcherson’s Quartet for a period of about two years, including performances in California and out of state.

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