Photo Gallery: European Tours, 1969-2012 Concerts at St. Gallen, et al, 1969-1970
Concerts at St. Gallen, et al, 1969-1970

St. Gallen is a nice city in the German part of Switzerland. Stadt Theatre, where we played, is a modern built theatre with wonderful acoustics. These photos are from a series of one-night concerts we did. We played there with Clifford Jordan and Pony Poindexter. Part of our group that was added for this tour was Bent Jaedig, a great Danish tenorman. Even though Philly played with authority, he made everyone feel that they were a part of the band. You appreciate guys who don't have attitude, they're just part of the band. When Philly Joe would feature himself, he just told everybody to split. When it was time for your solo, he would be very light and listen to the entire musical effort from all parties. He was sensitive.

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