Photo Gallery: Group Dates Keystone Korner
Keystone Korner

Thie first photo is from a gig we did at Keystone Korner in San Francisco. The group included Buddy Tate on tenor, Eddie Moore on drums, and Paul Breslin, bass. Paul is also on the Blue Balkan record, and he toured with Carmen McRae for a few years.

It was a very straight ahead date. Buddy was fun to work with. He dug the rhythm section. Buddy was with Basie for a long time. Keystone was a great place--a very electric and serious club.

The second photo is from another gig at Keystone Korner. We have Charles Bowen on tenor, Philly Joe Jones on drums, and Andy McKee on bass. Andy has worked with Michel Petrucciani. He was very young, but he showed a lot of maturity in his playing. I saw him with Philly about five years later and he had matured even more into a strong bass player.

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