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Reunion with Jon Hendricks (2004)

  1. Lester Leaps In
    Lester Young
  2. Last Train from Overbrook
    James Moody
  3. Serbo Salsa
    Larry Vuckovich
  4. Shorty Indigo
    John Hendricks
  5. Tickle Toe
    Jon Hendricks / Lester Young
  6. Flamingo
    Ted Grouya
  7. Impressions
    John Coltrane
  8. Lester's Minor Blues
    Larry Vuckovich
  9. One Heart (Un Corazon)
    David Brambert
  10. Scapple from the Apple
    Charlie Parker
  11. Shadow of Your Smile
    Johnny Mandel / Paul Webster
  12. Do You Call That a Buddy?
    Don Raye / Wesley Wilson
  13. Bye Bye Blackbird
    Mort Dixon
  14. Yesterdays
    Otto Harbach / Jerome Kern

Larry Vuckovich, piano
Jon Hendricks, vocals on 1,2,4,5,12,13
Noel Jewkes, tenor sax 1st solo 1,2,7,10, tenor sax 2nd solo 5,8, soprano sax 3,11, clarinet 4,12, flute 9
Jules Broussard, tenor sax 1st solo 5,8, tenor sax 2nd solo 1,2,7, alto sax 3,4,9,10,12
Allen Smith, trumpet 4, flugehorn 12
Josh Workman, guitar - all except 6,13,14
Nat Johnson, bass - all except 14, vocals 11
Harold Jones, drums 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13
Omar Clay, drums 3,9,10)
John Santos, congas 3,6,7,8,10, bongos 11 maracaas 9
Orestes Vilato, timbales 3,10, bongos 9
Enrique Pedraza, maracas 11


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